Last December the Board set a Proposed 2021 Projet and Goals list for themselves that contained the top 15 improvements they wanted to accomplish.. This list was developed by combining some of the most requested improvements received from the 2020 Neighborhood Survey and from things that just needed to be repaired or improved around the neighborhood.
To date, we have completed or are in the process of completing 5 of the items.  These are discussed below. The other actions shown are additional Board activities for the first quarter.  
Re-mulch playground. The playground has been re-mulched and cleaned and is all ready for springtime and our youngsters to play safely on the equipment.
Boundary survey.  With the continuing developments and growth of commercial endeavors up and down Telge Road, the Board is striving to make sure EV is as safe and secure as possible from trespassers and unwanted foot traffic using our little park, pool, and playground as hangouts and as cut-throughs to Jarvis.  We have had a boundary survey done to clearly define and defend our subdivision. Presently, we are getting bids to fence our common areas. Our plans are to complete this project in 2021, but due to the freeze creating a shortage of building materials, it has turned into an ambitious goal.
Drain low-lying areas.   We have hired an excavation company to address and improve the drainage between the playground and the tennis courts. If you've visited our park, you know what a swamp that area becomes every time it rains.  This is being fixed.
Tennis and basketball courts.  These amenities are slated for repair, replacement, and cleanup during April and May. Two of our Board members, Shane Shoaf and Jeff Foreman, are heading up this project and have already identified the contractor for new basketball goals.
Welcome Packets. The HOA has developed a Welcome Packet that will be given to new EV homeowners. It is filled with all types of helpful information for those just moving into the neighborhood. We plan to have a Board member visit the new homeowner to welcome them to the neighborhood and give them the Packet. Eventually, we hope to have it posted on our website as a quick reference tool that both new and established residents alike will find useful. Many thanks to Board members Charlotte Zornes and Jovena Sanders for their input.
February was quite a busy month for all of us. Who would have expected a visit from Jack Frost, Old Man Winter, Frosty the Snowman, the Snow Queen, and the Ice Fairy all at one time. Wow, what week that was!
EV's clubhouse had some major broken water pipes and is facing a lot of repairs. We have contracted with JRD Construction for the repair job, but it's slow going. It may not be all completed by the Memorial Day pool opening due to the high demand for plumbing crews, drywall supplies, etc., but we'll get there and be better for it in the long run.
Earlier this year, the Board sought out volunteers to help take care of the four entrances to EV, and did we ever get a group of outstanding gardeners! Marge Andro is jazzing up the Blossomheath entry, Jewel Tips has been hard at work clearing, cleaning, and revitalizing the Jarvis entry, Carol Hoyland has taken on giving a new look to the Pleasant Grove entry, and Lynn Adair and Alexis Campbell are giving the main entry on Cricket Hollow an overhaul. Next time you see one of these wonderful ladies, let them know how much you appreciate their efforts. And, if you're interested in helping out around the neighborhood for a couple of hours a month, there are lots to do. Email the HOA at enchantedvalleyhoa@gmail.com with your ideas and suggestions and come join your neighbors in making EV pretty!
Pool season will soon be here.  We have revised the registration form, set the pool schedule and registration dates, and posted everything on our website at enchantedvally.org, under the Pool & Clubhouse tab. The HOA volunteers will again be handling registration at the pool.  It costs approximately $1,200 for SCS to process our registration forms and mail tags, so last year we tried doing it ourselves and saved that expense.  Please help out by making an effort to register and pick up your new color swim bands on one of the scheduled dates. A $10 late fee will be charged after the last registration date. We have tried to accommodate different work schedules by having both weeknight and weekend registration dates.
Our EV Marlins swim team is looking to come back strong after having last year's season canceled. Swim team registration information and season schedule have been posted on the Marlins website at enchantedvalley.swimtopia.com.
2021 began with the Board hiring a new HOA law firm to handle legal affairs for us, among which was to close down a home that was being used as an on-site business and an action on an abandoned home.  HOA is working closely with SCS to resolve the abandoned house issue which has an out-of-state owner.
On a more positive note, we have contacted AT&T to remove the old non-working equipment boxes dotted around the neighborhood. They have been slow in responding, but hopefully, we can get these old dinosaurs dismantled soon.  
Resident and long-time friend of HOA Mary Scerbo contacted the County to address the speeding problem through the neighborhood. Mary has first-hand knowledge of the problem since she lives on a corner lot along a busy street. The county will be painting broad white stripes at stop signs throughout EV, much as you see in other neighborhoods to warn drivers to stop.
A large tallow tree on Mystic Bend by the canal (drainage ditch) has been partially removed and cleaned up. The overgrown tree had created a dangerous situation in that it was right at the curve of the eastbound side of the road and blocked the view of oncoming traffic as well as foot traffic.  It also obscured the streetlight at night, which added to the danger.  
Speaking of greenery beside and along the canal, arrangements have been made to increase the mowing along the top of the canal to provide walkers another venue for exercise as well as providing a more scenic view of the area.
And finally, in case you missed announcements, Enchanted Valley has a Facebook Page (Enchanted Valley HOA) dedicated to the goings-on in the neighborhood for the residents.  If you would like to be a  part of the Communications team with any of the ongoing projects in communications we have, or with Facebook or social media,  please contact Cathey Spies.
A big thank you to Cheryl Williams for putting this summary together and for her extensive help with the Board in addition to her position as Treasurer.  She's a wonderful addition to the Board--tell her thanks when next you see her walking her little dog in the park!
All our best for the upcoming Spring,
Enchanted Valley HOA Board
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Cheryl Williams
Charlotte Bunnell
Jeff Foreman
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