Enchanted Valley Clubhouse Reservation Form



(Please print)


Name:________________________________________                 Address:_____________________________________

Cell Phone:____________________________________               Alternate Contact Number:_____________________

Date of Event:__________________________________             Type of Event:________________________________

Start Time (Including set-up):_____________________          End Time (Including cleanup):__________________


To make a Reservation:

  • Please read and complete this form and email to enchantedvalleyhoa@gmail.com

  • The reservation will be confirmed via email.  A deposit of $200.00 will be due one (1) week prior to the event.  If by check, please make check payable to EV HOA.  The deposit will be returned after the clubhouse has been inspected after the event.  Some or all of the deposit may be kept if there is damage to the building or park grounds or if any of the guidelines listed on this form are violated.  User liability for damage or cleanup is not limited to the amount of the deposit.


Park & Clubhouse Guidelines:


  1. Annual assessment fees must be current.

  2. Reservations are on a first come - first served basis.

  3. The person making the reservation must be an Enchanted Valley resident, at least 21 years of age, and must remain on the premises at all times during the event.

  4. The resident is responsible for set up before the event and cleanup after the event.  All food and trash must be bagged and placed in the garbage cans located in front of the pool fence. 

  5. There will be no access to the pool area during the event unless arrangements have been made with Swim Houston prior to the event.

  6. Decorations are allowed but must be attached in such a manner as to leave no visible damage or marks to any part of the building or park grounds.  (i.e. Acceptable examples: Command strips, painters tape, Scotch removable putty, etc.  Unacceptable examples: staples, nails, tacks, etc.)

  7. Event must end at the time specified in the reservation.

  8. The deposit will be forfeited if Law Enforcement Officers are called out for any reason arising from the event.

  9. Smoking is prohibited at all times while in the clubhouse or on park grounds.

  10. The use of combustible or explosive devices are prohibited.

  11. Alcohol is absolutely not allowed if minors are present at the event.

  12. EV HOA is not responsible for any injury to the resident or event attendees.  Resident is responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times while on park grounds and any injuries incurred thereto.




I have read and accept the above guidelines.


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