Enchanted Valley, Cypress, TX 

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Enchanted Valley Clubhouse


The Enchanted Valley Clubhouse is welcome to be used by current EV residents after approval of Reservation Form & received deposit. Please read guidelines below and fill out form.



  • Assessment fees must be current; reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

  • The person making the reservation must be an Enchanted Valley resident, at least 21 years of age, and must remain on premises at all times.

  • The homeowner is responsible for setup before the function and clean up afterwards.  All food and trash must be removed from the area and placed in the garbage cans downstairs.  The A/C or heater as well as appliances must be turned off prior to vacating the facility at the conclusion of the event.

  • There will be no access to the pool area in the off season.

  • Smoking is prohibited at all times in all areas.


  • Decorations must be attached in such a way as to leave no visible damage or wear to the any part of the building. (i.e. avoid the use of nails, staples, tacks etc.)

  • Event/party is to end at time specified in contract including the time it takes to pack/clean up after an event.

  • If Law Enforcement Officers are called out for any reason arising from the event/party your deposit will be forfeited.

  • Use of combustible or explosive devices is prohibited.

  • Lessee must remove all litter and debris from the premises immediately following the event.  Failure to do so will result in forfeit of deposit.


Clubhouse Reservation Form